Call for 2020 NZMSA President and Vice Presidents

Dear NZMSA Members,

NZMSA is now in the process of calling for 2019 NZMSA President, Vice President Internal (VPI) and Vice President External (VPE).

These roles are elected by the Executive in accordance with the NZMSA Constitution which can be found on our website.

Ideal candidates for the President and Vice-President roles will display strong leadership skills, initiative, resourcefulness and excellent communication skills. It is also pivotal that they are able to balance their role together with medical school commitments, in order to prevent detriment to both their medical education and to their respective NZMSA roles.

Any NZMSA member can apply for any of these roles, and some people may choose to apply for more than one of these roles, or apply for officer roles as well as senior executive roles. If selected for more than one role, it will be up to the applicant’s choice which role they will fulfil.

Prior experience and/or a dedicated interest in the key features and attributes of each role are important, but the team thrives on its diversity and members who are committed to learning and professional development are encouraged to apply. You do not have to have been involved in NZMSA or any other medical students’ association previously.

We invite interested medical students to apply for the NZMSA President or Vice-President roles by submitting an application to the NZMSA Secretary General by email as follows:

Applications will contain a maximum 2- page Curriculum Vitae and 1- page cover letter, and will be due 7pm, Friday 26th July 2019. Candidates may then present to the NZMSA Executive either in- person, or via Skype, at the NZMSA Face-to-Face meeting in Christchurch on Sunday 4th August (time to be announced). This meeting will occur the day after the NZMSA Sports Exchange (3rd August 2019). Each applicant will be given 10 minutes to present to the NZMSA Executive, and after discussion by the Executive, a further 5 minutes of questions for each applicant will take place. Please note, this presentation is only for President, VPI and VPE roles. If you have applied for other Officer roles in addition to President, VPI or VPE (e.g., Secretary General, Communications Officer etc.) please do not include aspects of this application in your presentation.

The current NZMSA Executive will then review and vote on these roles individually. Successful applicants will be notified of their application outcomes by the end of the day’s meeting at the latest.

Successful applicants, once notified, will have a crossover period to facilitate handover from existing NZMSA President/Vice Presidents and with the support of the NZMSA Executive. Successful applicants will officially commence their role on 1st January 2020. However, there is a planning meeting for the 2020 NZMSA team during November 2019 (date to be announced), which the President and VPI will need to be involved with organising and running.

This is a brilliant opportunity to work with NZMSA and advocate on relevant issues on behalf of New Zealand Medical Students, and for this reason we gladly encourage students to get involved.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or what the individual roles involve, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me or the person currently holding the position you are interested in applying for. Role descriptions for the President and Vice President can be found here:

We wish you all the best and look forward to your applications.

Warm regards,

Harry Di Somma
Vice President Internal New Zealand Medical Students’ Association
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