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Treading Water

Treading Water 

Verse I

I’ve been thrown in an ocean

Scared ill drown in it

But they’re so busy trying to keep their boat above the water 

To see I don’t know how to swim


I’m drifting in the chaos

Barely afloat

I would love if someone stopped just for a moment

To throw me a rope



Oooooh barely holding on, I feel so alone

Ooooh barely holding on, I don’t belong 



Verse II

Waves from every direction

Just tell me what to do

Trying to navigate these unfamiliar expectations 

I just wanna be part of the crew


Overwhelmed by the questions

I’m drowning in my doubt

I spend every moment trying to impress the captain

But he can’t even figure my name out 



Went through all this training 

Now I’ve got here and it’s raining

Caught out in the middle of this storm 

Though it might look like it 

I don’t know how to survive this

Treading water in an ocean of unknown