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Mental health is, inarguably, a recent societal focal point.

I still remember the times when I was told to keep my thoughts and emotions solely to myself. The word confession, therefore, possessed a sense of guilt and shame.  

To deal with the challenges of life, I started to express myself through art. At times it felt as if my art was my journal of growth, which has recorded the most joyous and the most sorrowful moments that I have ever experienced.

People’s perceptions of the world change according to their attitudes to themselves, and are therefore subjective. Likewise, the life of a depressed individual may not be as catastrophic as she may think, but it is merely because the negatives of her mind has filtered out the positives.

Initially, my plan was to cut out whatever pictures or patterns that caught my mind. However, after going through an entire stack of magazines, I was left with the images I now have in this collage.

I ended up with a collage that was, as my parents have commented, quite morbid. Of course, it would not make sense to claim that magazines only publish morbid materials. I am quite sure that there were also thousands of images of beauty, happiness and wonderfulness, that my mind had just considered irrelevant at that moment.

I guess sometimes we do not speak up because of social constructs, but also because we do not realise that our lives have the potential to be so much better with the help of others.