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Mindful: A Poem


I wrote this poem after almost getting run over on the way back from uni. 

It made me realise why mindfulness is so important.


Watch out when you walk

   Through the streets of your mind,

That your keen inward eye

   Might be outwardly blind,

If your focus is skewed,

   You trip over yourself,

And cannot raise others

   Who have poorer health.


Keep an eye on the moment,

   For it will not last

If your head’s in the future,

   Your heart in the past,

Thinking over the world

   Yet your eyes on the clouds,

And these fragments of you

   Might get lost in the crowd.


Don’t squander your mindfulness

   When you’re in bed,

That isn’t the moment

   You need a clear head.

The cogs in your brain

   Will freeze up, on the day

That real wheels skid and screech

   To get out of your way.


Your dreams may be grand,

   And your wishes might soar,

But these should come second,

   For you matter more.

Look out for yourself

   And you’ll get there at last,

But you won’t see that future

   If you are the past.


By L. P. K.