The New Zealand Medical Students’ Association (NZMSA), is student run association.

Our vision is to




New Zealand medical students on the views, issues and concerns relevant to them.

The overall goal of our work is to improve the health of New Zealanders.

What we do at NZMSA

Identify and advocate on issues of importance to medical students

Be an agency for communication and representation of New Zealand medical students

Research medical education and educate for educational best practice

Organise and provide activities and services for our members

Promote student welfare and wellbeing



NZMSA was established in 1972

See an article here from its initial set-up

We have a proud history of representing medical students, and there have been a few highlights along the way



In the early 90s the big issue for med students was getting a job at the end of it all. In the middle of 6th year all the TIs would write individually to all 21 DHBs and apply for house surgeon jobs. The DHBs would pick who they wanted and job offers would be made. Unfortunately, because the job offers came over a period of months, TIs would hold out in hope of getting the DHB they really wanted to work for. This meant that other people were still scrambling to fill unfilled jobs the day before they were meant to start work! The ‘system’ was a mess and TI’s spend 6th months juggling applications, CVs, phone calls and an unhealthy dollop of uncertainty about where they were going to end up.

In 2003, following years of work by NZMSA, the murky job market was tidied up by a matching system called ACE (Advanced Choice Employment) which continues today. Under the ACE scheme TIs send one job application and CV to ACE along with the ranked preferences of which DHBs they’d like to work for. ACE forward the applications to the appropriate DHBs who then rank their list of potential applicants. A giant ACE computer then matches the rankings of the applicants with the ranking of the DHBs. The system doesn’t alter market forces and competition, but it does make the logistics of it simpler for everyone involved. Satisfaction with ACE is high and 98% of students get their top 3 choices. NZMSA is really proud of having been behind an initiatives’ which has made such a difference to the stress and quality of life for 6th years.


Trainee Intern Grant Increase

Our other major achievements have been working on student debt. In 2005 NZMSA, NZUSA and NZMA funded research about how much debt medical students graduate with and how it impacted on them. The research was compiled into the Doctors and Debt Casebook and presented to politicians and universities. Partly as a result of our lobbying, the TI grant was increased from $16,756 to$26,756 later in 2005… Which means you’ll be ten thousand better off when you eventually make it to 6th year. We’re pretty proud about that too!


Medical Leadership Development Seminar/Conference

In 2006 NZMSA ran the first Medical Leadership Development Seminar. This was the first chance for New Zealand medical students to come together and hear about all the things that don’t quite fit into the usual curriculum. A second MLDS ran in 2007 and was a great success. In 2008 we went for a different spin and renamed our annual conference “Conference 08”. This generic and easy to apply name has stuck, and each year we now select a new theme to go along with it! In 2009, the theme was The Art of Medicine – this looked at what it means to be a doctor outside of the strictly biomedical point on view.


NZMSA Executive & Team


Fraser Jeffery

Kia ora, I’m Fraser Jeffery and I’m your NZMSA President for 2019. A born and bred South Islander, I’ll be spending this year in my home town of Christchurch as a Trainee Intern from the University of Otago. This is my fourth year involved with NZMSA and I’m excited to carry on the strong advocacy and excellent events that we are well known for.
Outside of medicine I enjoy exploring the South Island with my tramping boots on and my camera in hand, keeping up with the world around me, reading, socialising with friends and watching/playing sports including football, tennis, cricket and many more!
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to have a chat!

Harry Di Somma
Vice President Internal

Harry is a 5th year student based at Waitemata DHB this year. Having completed a previous degree at Victoria in biomedical science, Harry is passionate about genetics and cellular biology. Slightly more macroscopically, Harry has a strong interest in equitable healthcare, particularly in regard to women's reproductive rights and the specific health needs of sex, sexuality, and gender diverse peoples. Outside of medical school Harry loves to sing and cook - often simultaneously
As Vice-President Internal, Harry hopes to foster open discussion, effective communication, and clear, accountable decision-making processes within the organisation.

Ben Alsop-ten Hove
Vice President External

Kia Ora koutou
Ko te ahu patiki te maunga
Ko waihora te roto
No te wai pounamu oku tipuna
No taranaki ahau
Ko Benjamin Alsop-ten Hove oku ingoa me ingoa whanau

My name's Ben and I'm from a tiny town in Canterbury called Leeston. I made the big trek up to Auckland in 2014 and got out of there as soon as I could, spending my 4th year in Waikato and spending my 5th year (this year) in Taranaki. I have long admired the mahi of the NZMSA and it is a real privilege to bring a rural flavor to the team as Vice President External. My role includes advocating for medical students to the Universities and beyond, and dealing with any external relations. I love to tramp, socialise (in any form), and dance - though I can't seem to coordinate the four halves of my body. My goal is to one day be fluent in the three NZ languages - I'm slowly chipping away at this. You'll see me at the NZMSA events, so come have a korero.

Brittany Smith
Secretary General

Hi my name is Brittany and I’m a 5th year from Auckland University currently in Taranaki. As Secretary General, I am responsible for the NZMSA budget, day-to-day accounting and some behind-the-scenes admin. I’m involved with NZMSA because I enjoy partaking in student associations; I believe they serve an important purpose advocating for medical students and educating students on larger-scale issues. When I’m not over committing to Medicine and NZMSA I love traveling, dabbling in some tramping and spending too much time with my cat. I’m excited to see what 2019 brings!

Logan Williams
Education Officer
Hi there, my name is Logan Williams and I am the Education Officer for NZMSA in 2019z I am currently a final year student at Auckland, based at Middlemore Hospital. I’m passionate about research, and have the eventual goal of working as an academic clinician in neonatal medicine. For NZMSA, I hope to continue the work of the past Education Officer and focus on social accountability. I also hope to broach the topics of how medical education and healthcare will change in the era of big data and artificial intelligence


Communications Officer

My name is Vanamali and I'm the Communications Officer for NZMSA.

As Communications Officer for NZMSA 2019, my aim is to use technology to allow NZMSA to work better internally,and to provide a wealth of resources and services to the aspiring medical students we aim to serve. Technology is my passion, and I’m grateful that I can use NZMSA as an outlet for it to do good. Furthermore, I'm the person in charge of sorting out the emails lists, FBs posts - basically anything that requires social media.

In my spare time I like eating food, driving around my dusty mazda demio and having a good yarn with mates.

Vanshay Bindra
Sponsorship Officer

Kia Ora, my name is Vanshay Bindra and I am the Partnerships Officer for NZMSA.

I am a 4th year student who is based at Counties Manukau DHB this year. As Partnerships Officer I am responsible for maintaining relationships with external organisations. I look after the sponsorship side of NZMSA and make sure that all of our generous contributors are kept in the loop of what is going on. Outside of medical school I like to keep fit and play guitar.


Charlie Lin
Wellbeing Officer

Charlie is currently a 5th year based at Middlemore Hospital and he is delighted to be your NZMSA Wellbeing Officer for 2019. Born and bred in Auckland, he has just returned from a year in Rotorua. Although he will miss the wonderful local scents, he is excited about being back in the big smoke.

Charlie is particularly interested in the experiences of bullying and discrimination amongst medical students in New Zealand. He hopes that through the role of Wellbeing Officer he can further challenge this topic, and additionally promote medical student wellbeing across New Zealand.

His main goals for 2019 are to pilot the ASMS-NZMSA Mentoring Programme, the Wellbeing Focus Month, and to follow up on the NZMSA Wellbeing Survey conducted in 2018.

In his spare time, Charlie enjoys singing, cooking, and photography. His side interests also include collecting various tote bags and funky-printed socks.

Darren Ritchie
Workforce Officer
Julia Seo
Events Coordinator

Julia is one of the two exceptional and fine-looking Events Officers for 2019. She grew up in Christchurch before graduating from Auckland Uni with an honours degree in population health. She will be spending most of this year in Rotorua as a 4th year medical student, and will no doubt be loved and appreciated by all members of her clinical team. She also has a tendency to be unduly optimistic. This will be her third year with NZMSA, and she looks forward to seeing fellow students feel united and empowered through many of the organisation’s events.

David Gunawan
Events Coordinator

Heyo, my name is David and I’m a 3rd year down in Dunedin sharing the events role with Julia.

Our main task for the year is organising the Clinical Leadership Forum, one of NZMSA’s premier leadership events. We’re also involved in the logistical side of a heap of other events throughout the year. Signing up to attend the various NZMSA events is one of the best ways to get involved with the organisation and meet a bunch of other med students from all over the country, so I encourage anyone and everyone to jump on any opportunity to do so!

Cheers :)))



Marcia Zeng
Auckland General Rep

Marcia is a 3rd Year from Auckland and your 2019 Auckland General Rep.

In her spare time, she enjoys eating, sleeping, and talking about herself in third person.

With a year of NZMSA experience under her belt, she’s excited for 2019 and all the exciting things it has to offer. She looks forward to working closely with Uma and the [TBC 2nd Year Rep] in the hopes of recreating the successful 2018 #preclinicalthrouple. In addition to this, she hopes to run engaging collaborative events with AUMSA and other student interest groups for Auckland students and increase awareness among preclinical students of NZMSA and what the organisation stands for.

Rosie Luo
Auckland 2nd Year Rep

Rosie is a second-year undergrad medical student born and raised in Auckland with a special interest in student mental health and education. As a wannabe Arts student, she enjoys frequenting art galleries, pretending like she understands poetry, and occasionally, writes herself.

Aspiring to lead a #wholesome life, she is often found on long scenic walks caught in a daydream, or listening to others talk about the things they love.

Rosie is excited to work with NZMSA this year to advocate for preclinical students at Auckland Medical School. She will also be managing the NZMSA website.

Uma Sreedhar
Auckland 3rd Year Rep

Kia ora, my name is Uma and I am the 3rd year NZMSA Auckland rep for 2019. I wanted to get involved with the NZMSA because I’m passionate about advocacy especially as a way to challenge people’s thinking. I’m hoping to be part of a few projects with the NZMSA but I have a specific interest in leadership diversity and gender representation so I’d love to help make some real progress on those fronts!

Emily Yi
Auckland 4th Year Rep

Emily is a born and raised Chinese Aucklander, and will be relocating to Rotorua for 4th year. She’s a keen gardener, brunch goer and dog spotter. Her goals for the new year are to get better at rock skipping, continue pottery and survive 2019. As 4th Year Rep, Emily hopes to bring more exposure to her class about the organisation and how NZMSA can help in the clinical years. Through advocacy and empowerment, she aims to better the student experience as a strong representative. Please do not hesitate to message her about anything that you would like to bring forward to NZMSA! 

Sung-Min Jun
Auckland 5th Year Rep

Kia Ora Koutou! My name is Sung-Min and I am the Auckland fifth year rep for NZMSA.

As fifth year rep, my goal in 2019 is to make sure that the needs of my class are clearly conveyed to the NZMSA executive and team and to also communicate and engage my cohort about the role of NZMSA. If you’re a fifth year student looking for help or wanting to engage medical students on a national level, I’d be more than happy to work with you to see what we can achieve.

Dong Kim
Auckland 6th Year Rep

Hello everyone, I'm Dong a TI based in Waikato this year. For my past 'medical' history - I spent 3 years in Hamilton Boys' Highschool, before I came up to Auckland to attend Auckland Grammar and med school (basically the same thing). I also have the previlege of being your NZMSA Auckland TI rep, and unofficial NZMSA Waikato rep. My main goal this year is to ensure that TI's can get house officer jobs, and maintain our mental health while doing so! Feel free to message me about anything ranging from RDA strikes to the association between cerebral amyloid angiopathy and systemic sclerosis :wink:.

Cameron Tuckey
AUMSA President

My name is Cam and I’m incredibly excited to be part of NZMSA for 2019. I’m passionate about the work NZMSA does and it’s potential as an organisation to create tangible benefits for medical students throughout New Zealand. This year a major focus of mine will be strengthening AUMSA’s relationship not just with NZMSA but also with OUMSA. I’m eager to relay the concerns of Auckland students to NZMSA and see what we can do to improve the experience of medical students throughout New Zealand.

Michaela Mullen
Wellington Rep
Hugo Messer
Wellington Rep
John Laurenson
WHPSA President
Maria Nonis
Christchurch Rep

Hi! My name is Maria and I'm just about to start my 4th year at Med School in Christchurch. I love to bake and more importantly eat!

This is my first year on the NZMSA exec. I'm looking forward to working with everyone and voicing the opinions of the med students in Christchurch this year.

David Nair
Christchurch Rep

Ni sa bula, I am a trainee intern based in Christchurch with an interest in surgery, research and simulation based education. I have been involved in Pacific health advocacy throughout my time at Otago Uni and hope to bring that experience into this role for the year ahead. My goals include: 1. Improving the communication between Pacific health professional students of Otago and Auckland Universities with one another and to NZMSA. 2. Increase peer support between our Pacific students and 3. Share our Pacific culture to our wider medical student body in a safe engaging manner.

Heather Christie
CMSA President

Heather Christie, CMSA president 2019, goals for 2019: Continue to build on the positive work CMSA has been doing for wellbeing in Christchurch Medical School, as well as further the work done in the Wellbeing Survey as part of the wellbeing working group. That's a Goal 2: Explore ways to diversify the CMSA executive and make it reflective of the demographics in the cohort we're representing.

Bryony Harrison
Dunedin General Rep

Kia ora, I am the representative for Dunedin for all year groups between 2018 & 2020. I am a big fan of research and encourage everyone to get involved at some point to understand the origins of medicine. I am currently working with the Molecular and Transformational Pathology group at Otago, looking at methylomic variations in Pre-eclampsia. I will return to ALM4 in 2020.
Outside of medicine I enjoy getting out with my family and friends to the beach and beyond. Wish you all the best with your years ahead, Bryony.

Anu Kaw
Dunedin ELM Rep
Ben Hoatson
Dunedin ALM Rep

Kia Ora everyone! New Zealand Medical Students’ Association (NZMSA) is the national body that represents, unites, and empowers all medical students in NZ on issues that affect them. My role is to advocate for Dunedin clinical medical students and assist in running NZMSA Dunedin events (Beyond the Medschool Gates, blood donation drive, Focus Month events, and many more). As for myself, I came into medicine through the grad pathway and I enjoy dancing, good food and music. Don’t be afraid to say “hi” and have a chat when you see me around.

Michael Chim
OUMSA President

My name’s Michael and I’m trilled to be apart of NZMSA. I’m currently in my 3rd year of med in Dunedin. This year I will be representing the voice of Otago med student on NZMSA. I will be working to strengthen the relationship that NZMSA has with OUMSA and other regional medical student associations. I am also eager to advocate on issues that effects our education to improve our time as medical students.

WaiMarama Matena
Māngai Te Oranga

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